RSVP is a secure internet based collaborative environment that has been designed to control, both the construction and ongoing maintenance processes that are unique to retail and commercial environments.

It has been designed by Project Managers that have been on the coal face in the retail and commercial sectors, and have drawn off their understanding of the needs of the landlords/ developers/ government/ retailers/ contractors etc. as well as the plethora of attendant consultants. Our experience in the field has resulted in a succinct collaborative environment that is devoid of the normal clutter associated with such powerful technology, and has been recognised by Microsoft as one of only 2 solutions ever to have come out of Africa deemed to be worthy of platinum solution status.

Developed over a period of 12 years RSVP has been formulated to work within the complex environments that exist between retailers/tenants, their landlords, their project staff and the retailers store bound management and staff teams.

    • RSVP is an intelligent repository and single reference point for the entire body of knowledge at group, brand, admin and store level, and ensures that everyone works off current information relative to their rolls and irrespective of geographic location.
    • RSVP is a Cloud based environment that allows you to check on project progress, download a plan, a photo, an electrical certificate of compliance, design criteria document or anything else relating to your brand, your people, your stores or your projects whether they are proposed, current or archived.
    • RSVP allows an unlimited number of users to access, disseminate, and co- operate on any project,
    • RSVP is extremely simple to use and can be mastered in under an hour,
    • RSVP is secure, and carries the same full SSL 64 bit encryption used by banking institutions. User access is controlled by an authority interface. It won't show users what they may not see.
    • RSVP is consultant and supplier friendly. Consultants can have a view into the projects with which they are involved and suppliers can be sent a link which allows them restricted access to documents that allow you to monitor their performance and turnaround times.
    • RSVP has a full filter function, allowing for you to search by name, date, ref number, description etc.
    • RSVP never replaces files, it archives them allowing a complete history to be viewed at any time,
    • RSVP is interactive and prompts actions from users,
    • RSVP protects all information and has a double redundancy system, ensuring that information is both current and secure at all times.
    • RSVP houses all of your full as- built manuals as projects are completed, and collates them so that you can have ongoing access to an intelligent environment for the life of the entity, where after files are automatically stored for access in perpetuity,
    • RSVP requires NO software what so ever to be installed on any user computer. In simple terms, if you have the internet then you can use RSVP, and because of this RSVP does not need to be behind your firewall, so your IT administrator can sleep easy at night.
    • RSVP can display trends i.e. non performance by a particular participant can be immediately identified and addressed, RSVP offers a single point of reference. This ensures that all participants are working off the same information eliminating duplication, | RSVP works in real time, and will display changes immediately, will inform the relevant people and keep a record of what was sent, when, by whom to whom,
    • RSVP activation is immediate. Because there is no need for software installation, RSVP can provide or remove access to any authorised party instantaneously.

Project specific features can be added at any time via the internet and require no upgrades what so ever on any remote computers.

We can also develop RSVP models specific to your business requirement.

RSVP is a document repository that houses your companies "Body of Knowledge" and provides a communication interface between all role players. Folder structures can be configured on the fly and adapted to changing needs through the use of the RSVP template environment. Documents housed include, but are not limited to:


At Project Level:

· All artwork (logos, C.I. etc.)

· Design templates (title blocks, ctb files etc.)

· Design guidelines (guidelines to consultants and in house design teams)

· Procedures (time frames, milestones, SLA's etc)

· Specification documents (The latest specification documents with revision control and distribution monitoring)

· Procurement (Preferred supplier information)

· Standard documentation templates (Fax headers, minutes, snag documents etc.)

· Health and safety procedures and criteria

· Full address book of all participants

· Journals that contain logged and alarmed communication to individuals, groups, landlords or suppliers.

· The ability to track communications and the attendant responses through an alarmed environment.

· Full search capability by word, phrase, user and date

· An optional feedback capability via cell phone uploading photos comments and logging maintenance reports.

· Telemetric environment: Input important dates and events such as:

o Opening dates

o Lease expiries

o Insurance expiries

o Fire and HVAC maintenance dates (automatically emailed to the service provider)

o Inspection dates

o Monitoring of certain folders (e.g. alarm received if a electrical COC has not been placed on system.)


At Store Level:

· All plans including:

o Lease outline drawings

o Base building drawings

o Plan layouts

o Ceiling layouts

o Floor finishes layouts

o Electrical layouts

o Lighting layouts

o Mechanical layouts

o Fire protection layouts

o Shopfronts

o Signage

o Merchandising


· All documents including:

o Specification documents

o Lease agreement

o Allowance schedules as agreed to with the landlord

o Tenant Responsibility Schedules

o Minutes

o Beneficial Occupation Documents

o Snag documents

o Electrical certificate of compliances

o Shopfront safety certification

o Manuals for all installations (Roller shutters, lifts, escalators, HVAC etc.)

o Guarantees (Roller shutters, lifts, escalators, HVAC etc.)

o Insurances (Fire, balance of third party, builders' insurance, consultants' professional indemnity etc.)

o Occupational Health and Safety (Induction forms, contractor's letters, wireman's certificates etc.)

o SAPOA area certificates

o Programs, schedules and agendas

o Council approvals

o Telkom/ ADSL applications

o Photos of progress during construction, merchandising changes, external signage etc.)


· A download environment

o Free plan viewers (AutoCAD dwg, dxf etc.)

o Free compression programs (zip, rar)

o Free pdf viewers

o Free pdf creators


· A journal environment

Communication within RSVP to the landlord, consultants, management, maintenance, contractors etc.

o The ability to track communications and the attendant responses through an alarmed environment

o Full search capability by word, phrase, user and date


· A SMS environment

o Allowing for reminders and notices to be sent to personnel in the field.


· Telemetric environment: Input important dates and events such as:

o Notice of Beneficial Occupation date

o Beneficial Occupation date

o Opening date

o Lease expiry

o Insurance expiries

o Fire and HVAC maintenance dates (automatically emailed to the service provider)

o Inspection dates


During the construction period RSVP can be configured to:


· Ensure that correct and current information has been received from the consultants,

· Provide a full address book of participants, including but not limited to:

o Leasing Agent

o Tenant Coordinator

o Full consultant list as employed by the developer

o The tenants project managements team

o The tenants design team

o Centre management

o Main contractor

o Developer


· Automatically flag important dates such as:

o Notification of Beneficial Occupation, as agreed to in the Offer to Lease,

o Confirmation of opening date

o Opening date

o Telkom application progress

o Signage submission/ approvals (Internal and External)

o Timeous settlement of allowance amounts as agreed to at the time of signing the lease.

o Submission to council dates, whether by the tenant or the developer.


After the construction period RSVP can provide the following:

· Retains the full documentary record of all the items that were loaded during the construction period,

· Provide an ongoing repository for documents created during the normal course of business,

· Provide a log of all maintenance issues, how they were resolved and in what time frame.

· Maintain a full address book of staff, suppliers and centre management etc.  

· Issue notices, memos, templates, advertising material, press releases etc.

· A photo upload area.


 RSVP Collaboration software information control has also been used by

· Shell oil

· Tzaneen Lifestyle Center

· V&A Waterfront

· Design Quarter

· South African Department of Roads - NW province

· PRASA – All rail construction projects in preparation of the 2010 soccer world cup.

· South African Department of Environmental Affairs

· Zenprop property group

· Resilient property group

· Atterbury property group

· Grinaker LTA

· Grinaker/WBHO JV


In Summary:

RSVP is easy to master, fast, reliable, secure and easy to maintain. In short, it's simply powerful.

Should you require a demonstration of the RSVP system, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or click here and we will be happy to arrange it at a time and place convenient to you.