As our key field of expertise, we pride ourselves in the execution and continued evolution of the procedures surrounding the tenant coordination process. Our experience and world leading systems ensure that all tenant related information is harmonized with the project requirements, irrespective of whether it’s a shopping centre, an office block or complex. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

      • Reviewing Offer to Leases and Heads of Agreement.
      • Compiling, issue tenants with project specific tenant packs containing Base Drawings, Telkom Information, Design Guidelines, Council Approval Info, Signage Criteria, Occupational Health and Safety etc.
      • Coordinating tenant’s drawings. Obtaining aesthetic approval from the project architect, and liaising with the structural, mechanical, electrical and fire engineers to ensure that all designs comply with the regulations of each discipline.
      • Issuing Tenant Responsibility Schedules, defining the scope of work allocations between the tenant and landlord in preparation for the tenant’s beneficial occupation period.
      • Coordinating signage, both for internal s hopfront signage and external building signage.
      • Regular Telkom application and council submissions status reviews.
      • Handing over the tenants premises, and signing-off Beneficial Occupation in line with the scopes outlined on the Tenant  esponsibility Schedule.
      • Keeping a photographic record.
      • Monitoring tenant performance during the beneficial occupation period, and referring non performing tenants back to the leasing agent.

These processes are of effect in both new construction projects, and an existing tenanted environment where new tenants move in, or existing tenants relocate. Once a new lease comes into effect, our role begins, and we coordinate the process until the tenant is successfully operational within their space.


Project management is our core competency, which has grown and diversified into additional specialised fields. 

Initially focused on work within the Diplomatic Corps, our projects have ranged from the project management of Embassy construction and retail project management to tenant coordination in mega malls. Using our home grown RSVP Collaborative Software © suite, we are able to deliver projects with unparalleled precision, transparency and control, resulting in over 90% of our clients being return business. Design and space planning forms an integral part of the construction process, and we take pride in being able to offer these services to compliment the tenant coordination and project management roles.